The Valley


One of my favorite activities in life was hiking in the rain. Most of the time there were no other people out there on the trails. I took advantage of those moments often. I would hike for hours and have this great sense that I was all alone in the wild. It was like being transported back in time. Occasionally I’d get to a high vista and look out over a valley that I’d seen on numerous occasions. Sometimes the clouds would break and there would be this heavenly display of light. The depth of it was awesome to me. It seemed to elongate the distance of the hills. A small valley would become vast. The light brought renewed scale and mystery to a place once familiar to me.

  • Sublimation Print on Aluminum
  • 24” x 15”

These ultra limited editions are published by the artist in the extraordinary process sublimation on specially coated metal. This process reveals the most accurate representation of the original painting without interference from secondary textures, or the need for glass or plexi coverings. These factors allow for a truly immersive experience between the viewer”s eye and the image itself with no obstruction in between. Framing is not required.

Dimensions 24 × 30 × 2 in