Lake’s Edge


Camping came to mind quite a bit when creating this piece in oils. That would certainly be the obvious concept. I left the source of the firelight out of frame on purpose however as I like the alternatively foreboding feeling that I can give it in my mind. In certain moods, it’s hard to say exactly what kind of fire that may be but the moonlight on the lake always offers me an escape should I ever need it. Ultimately I’d much rather you choose your own feelings and interpretations when you look at my artworks over mine. I’d prefer you to have that freedom.

  • Sublimation Print on Aluminum
  • 30” x 20”

These ultra limited editions are published by the artist in the extraordinary process sublimation on specially coated metal. This process reveals the most accurate representation of the original painting without interference from secondary textures, or the need for glass or plexi coverings. These factors allow for a truly immersive experience between the viewer”s eye and the image itself with no obstruction in between. Framing is not required.

Dimensions 24 × 30 × 2 in