KAMA SUTRA FOR ONE, A HANDY SELF HELP GUIDE, is a humorous look at “self love” and a parody of the venerable Kama Sutra. It has received excellent reviews from the Huffington Post and Writing About Writing. Acclaimed Sexologist, Dr. Nikki Goldstein, wrote, “A short, sexy and humorous guide to the sex we all should be having more of.” This tome of touch is great for gifts, lifting your spirits with laughs or breaking the ice with that potentially special someone. It’s filled with sexy, stick figure, illustrations to help you along your way to blissful happiness… with yourself. KAMA SUTRA FOR ONE guarantees that you will experience love, by teaching you to love you FIRST. How can it fail? Release the inner you as you as you experience new heights of “self discovery”. Check it out on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.